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    Seam-Faceslets spaces problem

    guy bashan Apprentice


      I don't know if this problem is related to facelets or to seam, but there a many cases in which spaces are trimmed before links. For example if there is something like:

      press this link <h:outputLink.../>

      then the space between the link and the outputLink is trimmed for some reason.

      Does anyone encounter such problem?


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          Jan Groth Novice

          That's neither facelets nor Seam - that's what your browser does with HTML ;-)

          If you need a space add a no-breaking-space html-entity (cant post it here due to parsing errors), or, even better: customize your css-layout to display proper spacings, borders etc.

          hope it helps,

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            guy bashan Apprentice

            This is weird, I was working with JSF (without facelets and seam) for a long time and never encountered such problem, where right after a text I put a link, and the space before the link is omitted. I know I can solve it by putting a verbatim containing ampersand entity followed by non-breakable space entity, but I was thinking there is a bit simpler way for that, because it happens pretty often...