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    writing a reusable component

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I have no idea where to get started on this or how to do it, so I appreciate any pointers to help me out.  I need to write a tree(hopefully just reusing richfaces tree or normal tree...don't really need the ajax stuff), but this tree gets data from a server and will be part of 3 different applications that know nothing about that server.  All 3 applications only want to know when you click a folder or file in the folder and that is all.  ie. it has to be reusable.  How would I write something like this and how do my other applications listen to it such that the next page view is determined by the folder or project clicked. 

      We have done this already in GWT as it is really easy there, but it would be nice to quickly do these apps in seam as I really like how the presentation is pretty much separate from the code in seam...I love that.  anyways, any advice would be great.