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    Bug in s:remote ?

    Immo Benjes Newbie


      I think I might have found a bug with <s:remote include="compA, compB"/>

      I've got one Seam component with multiple roles

      public class RemoteAccess implements RemoteAccessInterface {

      This class has a method annotated with @WebRemote.

      On the webpage I have
      <s:remote include="compA, compB"/>
      This will only create the Javascript functions for compA and not compB
      If I use
      <s:remote include="compB, compA"/>
      it will only create the Javascript functions for compB and not compA.
      <s:remote include="compB"/>
      <s:remote include="compA"/>
      doesn't help either as the second statement will create an empty Javascript block.

      I guess the only workaround would be to have a parent component with the two components in and access it from there but I would prefer not to do that.

      Any suggestions? Is this indeed a bug?