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    Stateless session bean - state held across different login sessions.

    Balvindar Dhaliwal Newbie

      I have a stateless search action bean, SearchAction
      public class SearchAction implements SearchImpl

      It is defined in web.xml:

      It is defined in ejb-jar.xml:


      The session bean is associated with a JSF page.  When I go to the browser and the search page, and enter a search criteria and get a result set back, the rendered page remembers the filter criteria and returns a table. However when a open a new browser and go to the same search page, the page displayed REMEMBERS filter criteria and table result set from the first opened browser. I though with a statelss bean, each request would create a new  stateless bean. In this case, it creates the searchAction stateless bean on initial startup, but when I open other browser windows and make subsequent requests it uses the same stateless bean instead of creating a new searchAction bean. Please advise how can make a new searchAction bean be created for each new request?