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    Feedback on IdentityManager API in Seam 2.1



      I am migrating our existing legacy security framework to Seam 2.1 and have some feedback w.r.t. the IdentityManager API

      1)  There is an API to pass the first name and last name of a user, but there does not appear to be an API to retrieve the first name and last name of a user.  Am I missing something?

      2)  Similar to the firstName and lastName arguments to createUser(), it would have been great to have a displayName or description argument for createRole() (as well as an API to retreive the displayName/description of a role).

      Otherwise, I have been very happy with the new security framework in Seam 2.1.  Great job!

      Thank you,
      Robert Yokota

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          It really does look like a nice framework, I'm working with this too.

          As you say, there does not seem to be a way to retrieve the lastname and firstname through the API, but that is a minor issue for me (I'll probably need to extend some of the objects anyway).

          I've noted that the firstname and lastname attributes will only save when creating a new user, so calling userAction.save for an existing user will only save changes to the required fields, not the optional ones.


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            Generally you would manipulate the identity store directly, however while this is trivial with JPA it's not so straight forward with LDAP, etc.  If you raise a feature request then I'll look at adding some extra support for this kind of thing.