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    Difference between org.jboss.seam.embedded and org.jboss.embedded artifacts?

    Adam Jordens Newbie

      Perhaps this is the wrong forum but I'm curious as to the differences between:


      The later has org/jboss/resource/adapter/jdbc/jdk5/ while the former now has org/jboss/resource/adapter/jdbc/jdk6/.

      It appears to me like they were updated on August 8th.  I'm curious what the difference between the two artifacts is? (and more importantly, what prompted the change to the resource adapters?)

      Up until today I've been using the org.jboss.seam.embedded artifact w/o any problems in a JDK5/Maven 2.0.8 environment. 

      Unfortunately, after downloading a new artifact, I'm getting ClassNotFound exceptions for what are presumably classes only available in JDK6.

      I've switched over to the org.jboss.embedded artifact and things are passing again but the change intrigues me.