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    Component-Test and JBoss-Tools-Seamproject

    Mike Schulze Newbie

      I want to write some Componenttests for my Seam-Project. It was created some time ago similar to those you get using JBoss-Tools (EAR-Project). So it consists of 4 Projects (ear,war,ejb,test). After I did some coding in the the first 3 projects I wanted to write some tests with TestNG. My Problem is that my test-methods can't identify my Seam-Components.

      This is my test-class:

      public class Test extends SeamTest {
          public void test() throws Exception {
           new ComponentTest() {
               protected void testComponents() throws Exception {
                Object c = getValue("#{testcomponent}");

      It throws an 'normal' AssertionError because 'c' is null. When I build a new Seam-Project from scratch this method/class works fine.

      I have already compared the two test-projects and they seem to be configured in the same way (classpath, referenced projects,...)

      I guess that while writing my app, I somehow misconfigured something in my other 3 projects which only produces errors in the test-project.

      My question is, whether someone has experience with writing test in this kind of project an knows exactly what are the dependencies between ear,war,ejb and test or what mistakes I have to avoid. - Thx