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    Seam consulting?

    Marcus Popetz Newbie
      I couldn't find a forum policy saying I shouldn't post a contract opening so I apologize if this not wanted, but I fear if I leave the hiring up to our HR people we'll get a moron.  And I don't like working with morons..no offense to the morons out there.

      Anyway,  Starting in mid-September we're going to have an open position on our team building web apps with Seam.  The main focus will be with our client Academy of Art University (teaching art online) using the following technology stack:

      JSF/xhtml/RichFaces (<- maybe transitioning off of RF because it makes us angry)
      EJB - sometimes
      Hibernate 3

      Eclipse/SVN on Windows or mac or whatever.

      We're running about 10 app servers, each with 2 jboss nodes, and 5 mysql servers in a master/slave replication unit which is a bit of overkill for our current load but makes it interesting none-the-less.  If you have dba experience, I'd love to hand that part of my job off to somebody.  :)

      If work runs low on the academy site, there's an option to work on other projects focused on flex and the chance to move flex projects into using seam as their backend which would be cool.  Those are different teams so I can't talk about their setup.

      The position would be working remotely and could be hourly or full time as you see fit.  Given that it's remote we NEED somebody who is pretty self managing cuz god knows I don't like to hand hold if I don't have to.  It's a small team (2 developers + you) who mainly communicate via IM and email.  There's a possibility of interaction with the client in the area of app design if that floats your boat.

      Anyway, contact me if you're interested.
      marcus at roundpeg dot com