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    Entity Generation Issues

    Beren Erchamion Newbie

      Hello All,

      I'm pretty new to Seam and was learning about entity generation and trying out some things. I ran into a couple of snags and hoped this was the right place to post to. I'm working against a MySQL5 database with Seam 2.03 and JBoss 4.2. I'm using the latest JBoss Tools as well.

      Problem 1: It seems that using the ENUM type is not too cool with hibernate. Hibernate seems to think the type is a varchar or something. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I poked around on the internet and couldn't find one.

      Problem 2: I have a table in my DB named Messages. When the classes are generated I get compiler conflicts between my generated class (MessageList) and the controller:

      The return type is incompatible with Controller.getMessages()   MessagesList.java

      Any clue what that might mean?

      Any help would be great.


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          Beren Erchamion Newbie

          On problem 2 I altered my table and changed its name to Messages1 and then regenerated my entities and voila the conflict goes away. So I guess somewhere in the guts there is a package and class naming conflict that cannot be solved in the entity class itself (since even with full qualified packages you get the compile error).