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    Seam Facelets and Shift_JIS

    hanabi hanabi Newbie

      Hi All!

      Does anyone has any experience creating Seam application using ShiftJIS encoding?

      it seams that UTF8 encoding works fine but not for Japanese mobile phones. japanese phones are using Shift JIS to display content.

      main points of problems:
      1. database connection - what settings should connection url datasoource have to inject Japanese Shift
      JIS characters correctly

      2. what should be added to the html pages header. It looks like meta with charset is enough to switch browser to Shift JIS encoding and xml prolog with ShiftJIS declaration

      3. seam form posts broken Shift
      JIS characters and I have no idea if they are broken by Seam or by database when inserted into MySQL Innodb table (which is set to support sjis encoding)