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    Could not find process definition

    Anthony Yulo Newbie

      I have copied the jbpm.cfg.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml and hello.jpdl.xml on my web-inf/lib abnd the  myProj-ear.ear directory on the server/default/deploy directory of Jboss AS.

      Now in my authenticator method I put a @CreateProcess(definition hello) so as to launch a simple workflow definition when the user logs in.  THis is just to test if JBPM works fine with Seam.

      When I run the program no errors/exceptions were encountered which means that I have setup the configuration files properly and put the files and jars in the proper places. 

      However, when I perform a login, the authenticator method executes but then issues an exception:

      ...org.jbpm.JbpmException: could not find process definition hello

      Any Ideas?