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    The logical difference between a Bean and an Action?

    Chris Stewart Newbie

      I'm reading the PDF for Seam in Action and I'm sad to see the use of EJB3 lobbied against in the book.  So now I'm looking around at other resources online to get solid examples of creating EJB3 components as session beans/components.

      I'm porting a JSF RI application to Seam and want to figure out how my controllers should map over to Seam.  I call them controllers but they're essentially beans that are managed in the faces-config.  To me, they're controllers because they really don't do the work, that is done in a service layer of classes.  I have to have this layer of abstraction for my specific situation.

      Anyway, I'm wondering how I determine the difference between a Bean and an Action in Seam?  I suspect an Action is for a single form and a Bean is thought of more as a composite object that can do many things.  Also, is there a different place that each of these objects should live?  Should I just drop each of them into the src/action folder generated by seam-gen?