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    Seam and Drools - MVEL version.

    john hedden Newbie

      Seam 2.0.1/Drools 4.0.7

      So a couple of days ago I decided to introduce Drools/JBoss Rules into my Seam app.  Well getting the hooks in was trivial.  Writing .drl files, not so much.  After spinning my wheels for 2 days on why i couldnt get LHS variables working in RHS, i found this:


      So, I removed mvel14.jar that ships with Seam from my classpath and replaced it with the one that came bundled with Drools 4.0.7, which is mvel-1.3.1-java1.4.jar and my Drools tests worked perfectly.

      My question is:  Would there be any ripple effect of rolling back to mvel-1.3.1?  Is mvel solely in the Seam distro for Drools/security.drl purposes?