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    bug I think with template s:link and end conversation

    Dean Hiller Expert

      This is a low priority thing but I think it is a bug.  In our s:link in the template and the s:link in the page itself that uses the template, both s:links refer to the same main page(which is supposed to end the conversation(in pages.xml, it has the end-conversation element).

      anyways, the html generated for the template s:link does not have the cid parameter after the url, while the html for the page s:link DOES have the cid parameter telling seam which conversation it is in.  So, when you use the broken s:link in the template, basically, the conversation ends up dangling and not getting cleaned up unlike the one in the page that does get cleaned up.  Obviously the conversation will eventually time out so again it is not the highest priority bug, but Ithought I would mention it here to verify it is even a bug.