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    Envers schema generation, bug??

    Euclides Melo Newbie


      I am using the org.hibernate.tool.ant.EnversHibernateToolTask with jpaconfiguration.

      It is working fine, except with this case: I have a class with this attribute:

      @Column(columnDefinition="text", nullable=true)
      private String observacao;

      The generated tables are the following:

      create table Afastamento ( observacao text null, other fields...
      create table Afastamento_AUD ( observacao varchar(255) null, other fields...

      Note the AUD table, it is ignoring the columnDefinition.

      I am using Envers 1.2.0 GA.

      If this is a bug, how to open it in JIRA? Dont know if i have the permission.

      Anyone else suffering this same problem?