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    Installing Seam EJB3 Application On Websphere 6.1

    Jason Gaudet Newbie

      I am having difficult following the documentation for deploying a Seam EJB3 application on Websphere 6.1. Guidance from someone who has already deployed the Booking example on Websphere 6.1 is appreciate. The specific issues I am encountering are:

      Section 35.2.1 states that all ejb3-local-refs in the web.xml should be replaced with the specified values. I do not see ejb3-local-refs in the web.xml associated with the Booking example in the 2.0.2.GA release. Should the direction state that the specified values be appended to the web.xml?

      Section outlines an update that needs to be made to the ear.lib.extras fileset in a build file. I am unable to locate this fileset in the build file associated with the booking example or the build file under the top level Seam directory. Can someone provide guidance as to which build file contains this fileset.

      Thanks in advance for your help