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    Specifying search index directory

    Eric H Novice

      I'm setting up Hibernate search in my app.  It's a very cool feature.  I have a configuration question: in the docs it says to specify a directory for the search indexes in the persistence.xml file.

      I can easily do this, but... the EAR file is the application which we will distribute to customers.  The location of the search indexes is something external to the app.  Customers should be able to change it without having to mess around in the EAR file at all.  Surely there's some better way to set this?

      Can I use Seam components in the persistence.xml file?  I ask this because I have a Seam component which can access config params from a SAR, so I could easily put in a index file location param there.

      This is one weak area of Seam.  The EAR file should not have to be modified to make application configuration changes.  The EAR file should be thought of as an unmodifiable binary file that is distributed to customers.


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