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    DVD Store

    Stephan B Newbie


      I want to create a fancy dvd store with Seam.

      I've seen the example dvdstore. I am just wondering, how much effort it would be to make the user's cart persistent. So that when his session expires (of course only when he is logged in) and he returns to the site his last cart is recoverable. (I guess a business process for this might generate too much overhead, doesn't it?).

      Also, how many users can an average application like this approximately handle on a budget server (2 GHz, 2GB RAM).

      Btw, is the dvdstore-example also LGPL (so if I change it I have to redistribute it?)?


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          Norman Richards Expert

          We don't have a scope that quite fits that.  You can persist the cart to the database as a part of your normal datamodel.  Your idea of using a process to track that isn't that unreasonable.  Persisting the process to the database is slightly heavier than writing the data out manually, but you'd probably end up writing less code like that. 

          All the examples are distributed under the normal Seam license.