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    Seam, adding other JBoss frameworks (Drools, jBPM). What increase in demanded server resources?

    Eugeniy Nikolaev Newbie


      1) Web-portal (we are not use JBoss portal, custom-made working out development only).

      1.1) Authentication

      1.2) Dispatch of messages to the registered users (only private messages, not an e-mail).

      1.3) Actions of users, on similarity of masters of creation of new reports etc.

      2) Web-sevices, MDB, Messaging.


      1) Seam: JSF, Facelets and Hibernate (not EJB3).

      2) JBoss AS (jboss.org).

      3) AMD Athlon 64 2x2000 MHz, 8 Gb RAM, OS RedHat EL 5.1

      4) 64x soft only (OS, Oracle 10g)

      5) The maximum quantity of simultaneous connections - let will be 2 variants: 500 and 1000

      The important note:

      it would not be desirable to overload the server by using complimentary frameworks because the server upgrade may be a great headache. Of cause the probable throwing off some of complimentary JBoss framework will make us to write our own code. So it is important for us to realize what is better from the optimum resource emploing point of view.