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    seam-excel: master-details with subtotals

    Vladimir Kovalyuk Apprentice

      I'm trying to render excel worksheet that contains list of employees data grouped by departments. The only way I have found is to to arrange list of e:worksheets with the same name by starting row. I find it to be unnecessarily difficult. And render subtotals requires extra e:worksheet per master record.

      What I need is a tag that could help me to iterate (vertically and horizontally) e:worksheets without needs to calculate starting rows and columns.

      Ideally it would be nice if seam-excel introduced a component similar to rich:dataTable. (Probably it would be possible to override render kit for this particular component).

      And another difficulty is that e:worksheet does not work without var attribute. From the other hand I would like to just layout several cells on the worksheet. It would be convinient if there was a tag that renders just matrix with width and height specified.