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    Is there a better way of doing this? (need to call response)

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie

      One of my requirements for my project is to allow the upload of HUGE files. Like literally 1 gig and could be 50 of them.(note this is an internal app)

      So ... i found an applet on sourceforge JUPload. Seems kinda nice, and it even allows for chunking of the data.

      My only problem with it is that it seems like i need to use a servlet to run it.

      It is sendign a multipart request and there examples at least use commons-upload to parse the data. And the name of the files going back there will be dynamic File0 File1 etc.

      In addition there response needs to be a simple out writer basically.

      So ouch. So i thought of using this -

      My code is relatively simple in what it has to do and i dont mind using it, the downside though is i REALLLLY would have liked this thing to have been mart of a long running conversation because I want them to fill out the first page first, then forward them to a second page to upload then a final review and execute page. And i can't with that.

      Now its not a HUGE deal but is there any other way one would attempt this code besides that? I am thinking i am kinda screwed with regular Seam components since i will be stuck in the JSF lifecycle with them.