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    XSLT help for Excel module

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      Any XSLT wizards out there?

      I noticed that I was repeating code when creating Excel documents from both xhtml documents and dataTable (based on component ID)
      so I thought that I could just apply a XSLT template to the dataTable component, transform it to the xhtml format, Render that one
      and rip out the Excel data from the converter component. Doable?

      The source is the normal dataTable

        <h:dataTable value="..." var="..." otherAttrs>

      and the output is the Excel xhtml format

          <e:worksheet value="..." var="...">

      (more on the format can be found in the 2.1 docs)

      any pointers ot code you can help with that will save me hours prototying through info from w3schools.com? ;-)

      (hope this topic is replyable, at least the checkbox says [x] Open topic, allow replies.