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    Cannot access REST-resources (Seam 2.1.0.BETA1)

    Thomas Taubenschmidt Newbie


      I have trouble to get the Seam-Resteasy-Feature running. I just follow the reference-guide - but without success.

      The following example works in a different environment and looks correct for me.

      public class MyCustomerResource {
          public String get( ) {
              return "Hallo Welt";

      I put this resource in my seam-gen-generated-project and all the needed jar's on the deploy-list.
      The server (4.3.2.GA) don't throw any message about a resource while booting up the ear-package.
      I try to get the resource at http://myhost:8080/ctxPath/seam/resource/rest/customer and the response is a 404 error.
      All the default configuration i have not touch, as is recommend.

      Please give me hint - what could be the problem?