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    Using PHP-Java Bridge in Seam application

    Carlos Diógenes Newbie


      I'm trying to use PHP/Java Bridge in a Seam application that I have working.

      PHP/Java Bridge comes with a JavaBridge.war with some examples on how to use it. I modified it, so a php application running in Apache can share the session with the JavaBridge.war running in JBoss.

      After this, I tried to configure my Seam application to be able to do the same, since I need to share the session with this application. I mimic the JavaBridge.war configuration in my Seam application (web.xml and libraries), but when I try to run my PHP application in apache I get the 403 error with the following description: Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden. from JBossWeb/2.0.1.GA.

      Someone have any idea what can be the problem or how I can verify it? I already look at logs and googled a lot, but don't find anything useful.