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    Posible bug in HibernatePersistenceProvider

    Asbjørn Leeth Newbie

      I'm using hibernate filters on some entities but get a IllegalArgumentException: incorrect type for parameter when i try to inject a
      List of Integers
      into my seam managed filter i components.xml.
      In my case I am using an In operator as filter condition and wants to inject a List of parameters. Hibernate supports that using the
      setParameterList method.
      I did some debugging and found that setParameter is the only method being called is the enableFilter method on HibernatePersistenceProvider.
      I think this is a bug an should test whether it should call setParameterList or setParameter.
      I'm able to fix this with a workaround and manual enabling the filter and setting the parameters.


         public void enableFilter(Filter f, EntityManager entityManager)
               org.hibernate.Filter filter = getSession(entityManager).enableFilter( f.getName() );
               for ( Map.Entry<String, ValueExpression> me: f.getParameters().entrySet() )
                  filter.setParameter( me.getKey(), me.getValue().getValue() );
            catch (NotHibernateException nhe)
               super.enableFilter(f, entityManager);