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    Conflict between seam and JTATransactionFactor in persistence.xml ?

    thierry accart Newbie


      I'm wondering has ever experienced this :
      I've set up hibernate.transaction.factory_class to org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory and hibernate.session_factory_name in persistence.xml because part of classes are building hibernate sessions and managing transactions by themself.
      The components.xml is the default generated one from seam-gen (seam 2.0.1)

      The application (both SEAM ui and other classes) seems  to work fine, by the log contains plenty of warnings for AbstractEntityManagerImpl (Cannot join transaction, not a JoinableCMTTransaction).

      Does defining  a hibernate.transaction.factory_class cause some incompatibilities with seam default config ?

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          Rodrigo Uchoa Novice

          I'm having the same issue...


          I have a need in my applcation to change the timeout value of a transaction programmatically. In order to do that, I had to set the property hibernate.transaction.factory_class to

          to org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory otherwise calls to session.getTransaction() would throw an exception.


          Everything seems to be working perfectly, except that I keep getting a warning:


          [AbstractEntityManagerImpl] Cannot join transaction: do not override hibernate.transaction.factory_class


          So I'm wondering the same thing. Is it a problem to configure a "factory_class" while also using "seam managed transactions" ?