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    Back Button in Wizard

    Alexey Kakunin Newbie


      I'm just started to use Seam, so, sorry for probably stupid question - but I do not found answer in documentation

      So, I'm implementing multiple-step wizard. Pageflow in wizard basde on jPDL page-flow definitions (hopefully I have some experience in jBPM and this feature I like in Seam very much!)

      Seam supports walking back by using back browser-button (by adding into page back=enabled attribute into tage tag in pageflow definition)
      It looks like it is working well.

      But I need to do same by back-button in the wizard itself. Ok, of course I can simple set button with java-script like:

      <input type="button" value="Back" onclick="javascript:history.go(-1);"/>

      But something told me it is not a best solution... So, are there any special action to walk back by page-flow like we are doing then pressing back button in the browser?