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    NEWBIE: Seam-Project using DAOs instead of org.jboss.seam.framework.Query?

    Dirk Ho Newbie


      I'm a student and I'm quiet new in working with seam. Before I started the webproject for my studies, I created a database (Postgres), entities (with NamedQueries), a middle-tier(?) and some DAO (Hibernate) classes with which I fill my entities.

      Now I created a new seam project, using the official seam introduction, and build the entities, etc. by using my existing database.

      After the project was built and worked so far, I copied the entities I've built in the first step over the generated one and now, I want to use my DAOs instead of the org.jboss.seam.framework.jar, that fetches the SQL-statements out of the xyzList-classes (e.g. AdresseList) by calling the method getEjbql().

      Hopefully you understood, what I mean and you can help me.

      I would be very happy if you could help me - of course, I also could upload my project, so that you can see its structure, etc.

      Please answer in a simple way, because my english is not the best and I'm a newbie in Java/Seam.

      Thanks and best regards,


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          jeffrey hsu Newbie

          this is seam application framework.

          you can get detail information in Chapter 13. The Seam Application Framework of the reference.

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            Dirk Ho Newbie
            Hi Jeffrey,

            thanks for your fast reply! I've already read this chapter of the seam framework.

            But the way they describe it is not the way I would like to go. I wanted to use a structure like that:

            - de.autohaus.benutzerverwaltung
                 Benutzerverwaltung.java  <- interface
                 BenutzerverwaltungImpl.java implements the interface (= application tier that calls the methods from the DAO-Classes).
            - de.autohaus.benutzerverwaltung.db
                 BenutzerverwaltungDAO.java <- interface
                 BenutzerverwaltungDAOImpl.java <- implements the interface and accessing the database (including functions like "findAllUsers(){..} findAllUsersByName() {..} findAdressesByCode() {..}...") as you can see all functions concerning the users/customers
                 Customer (=Entities)

            - de.autohaus.fahrzeugverwaltung (the same as above for the vehicles)
            - de.autohaus.fahrzeuverwaltung.db

            - de.autohaus.bestellverwaltung (the same for the ordering)
            - de.autohaus.bestellverwaltung.db

            That's the way I would like to solve it (with namedQueries in the entities), but the only way I found it is to write a XYZHome-Class and make a getter that returns a query. But this is not a 3-Tier Architecture (hopefully this is the right word in english) in my mind?!?!

            Hopefully someone can help me doing it the way I described above.

            Thanks and best regards,

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              Nicklas Karlsson Master

              Dear mr. Machine (or may I call you Mean)?

              I recommend you read the few first chapters of the manual, too.

              Good luck with your homework.

              Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I did try. Honest.