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    Using A4J to keep a convo alive?

    Eric H Novice

      I'm writing a web app where it's likely that the user will be logged in, and open a page, and leave it there for some time and then come back to it and do some more.  In this case, it's a time tracking application, so the user might start at 10am by starting a timecard entry, work on the task for 3 hours, and then want to close the timecard at 1pm.

      In a regular Seam app, this is problematic because the session and conversation will have timed out.

      One obvious solution is to crank up the timeouts on these two things to some number that's obviously big enough, like 12 hours.  But that could cause problems by hanging on to resources for too long.

      What I have noticed is that some sites have a little snip of JavaScript running somewhere that pings the server every 5 min as long as the page is open, so the server knows to keep that particular conversation / session open, because someone has a browser open to that page.

      Is there some simple way to achieve that with Seam / A4J, holding open both the session and the conversation?