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    Autologin support

    guy bashan Apprentice

      As far as I understand Seam still doesn't support autologin. Is there some example how can it be sone with Seam?


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          Mark Teichmann Newbie

          If you are using Windows than this page will show you the solution:
          Windows SSO with JBOSS Seam

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            guy bashan Apprentice

            Thanks, but this is not what I meant.

            I meant autologin like in facebook/gmail or any other pupular internet website existing today...

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              Andre Eugenio Newbie

              First you should read http://blog.hibernate.org/3266.lace

              Then you should know that Seam 2.1 will support autologin.

              To implement this now i stored custom cookie when the user log in, and my secured pages try to restore the cookie if he is not logged in.

              Look the code below in my pages.xml

                   <page view-id="/auth/*">
              #0          <navigation from-action="#{identity.logout}">
                             <raise-event type="removeLogonCookie" />
                             <redirect view-id="/logon.xhtml" />
              #1          <action execute="#{autoLogon.checkLogonCookie}" if="#{!identity.loggedIn}" />
              #2               <rule if-outcome="noSessionAvailable">
                                  <redirect view-id="/logon.xhtml" />

              #0 If he logged out i have to remove the cookie

              #1 If he is not logged in i try to check the cookie and restore the session

              #2 If no cookie available i redirect to logon page.

                   public String checkLogonCookie() {
                        try {
                             FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                             log.info("Check Cookie from view #0", context.getViewRoot().getViewId());
                             Cookie []cookies = ((HttpServletRequest)context.getExternalContext().getRequest()).getCookies();
                             if(cookies != null) {
                                  for (Cookie cookie : cookies) {
                                       if(cookie.getName().equals("myUserCookie") && cookie.getValue() != null 
                                                 && !cookie.getValue().equals("null")
                                                 && cookie.getValue().length() > 0) {
                                            String values = CipherUtil.decrypt(cookie.getValue());
                                            log.info("User reconnect by cookie - value: #0", values);
                                            return "sessionRestored";
                        catch (Exception msg) {
                             log.error("Error trying to restore Cookie Credentials, msg: #0, trace #1", msg.getMessage(), StringUtil.printTrace(msg.getStackTrace()));
                        return "noSessionAvailable";

              Hope this help.

              Cheers, Andre.

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                guy bashan Apprentice


                Is there already a preview of Seam 2.1?