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    Identity problem(Browser related)

    Sergio Pizarro Newbie


      I´m having some problems with the identity.login() method in my application. The problem is that, once an user is logged in, subsequents login attempts from the same browser(tabs or windows, doesn´t matter) don´t trigger identity.login(). They just get logged  in, but using the info from the first succesful login.

      If I use another browser, this doesn´t happen. So i can have one ie explorer window with user A logged and one mozilla window with user B logged. But can´t have two mozilla window with user A and B logged, instead i have user A logged and another user that is B but logged as A.

      This is somehow problematic to me, because if and Admin of the aplication close the window without login out, then one user logs in using same browser(before session time expires), he has access to the admin section of the aplication.

      What can i do to solve this? i think is something with mozilla, and the way it stores session information.

      P.D.:excuse my poor english, if the post is not understable tell me please.