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    Seam email problem

    liu lei Newbie
      I tried the activated email of this site "www.seamframework.org".

      In my mail system, the content of the activated email as below :

      the format of the email's attachments is incorrect)

      Hello liu,

      you registered an account on the Seam community website. You need to click the following link to confirm the validity of your e-mail address and to activate your account:

      Click this link to activate the account 'sfp'

      It is the same problem that i encountered in my app.And i have tried many emails in my app.
      what's worse, if i get

      <h:outputLink value="#{basePath}/activate.seam">
         <f:param name="memberId" value="#{memberHome.instance.id}" />
         <f:param name="activationCode" value="#{memberHome.instance.activationCode}" />

      in the activateEmail.xhtml,some mail system even cannot receive the email(being rejected?).
      When i remove the code above in my file ,the mail can be received.But the content is a "no_name.eml" file which contains the real content.

      So the question is why the content of the email is recognized as an attachment?
      I think it is a bug of "Seam mail"

      Any advice?