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    Pages.xml navigation in portlet

    mladen babic Newbie


      I'm little bit confused about navigation in portlet. I'm using Liferay portal, JBoss Seam 2.0.2, IceFaces 1.7.0 and JBoss AS 4.2.2
      How can I navigate from one page to another page by pages.xml in portlet?

      Below is snippet of my code on page:

      <ice:commandLink action="details"  value="#{questionaire.name}" rendered="#{not roleHandler.delegate}">
                                    <f:param value="#{questionaire.id}" name="questionaireId" />

      and this is pages.xml

      <page view-id="/questionaires.xhtml">
                <param name="questionaireId" value="#{questionaireHandler.questionaireId}" required="false"/>
                     <rule if-outcome="details">
                          <redirect view-id="/questionaire.xhtml"></redirect>

      This should be  works, am I right?
      What's wrong with this navigation?

      Best regards,