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    Default libraries from example aren't enough

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      I'm using Seam on Tomcat 6, and when I run ant tomcat.deploy on any of the examples and inspect the JAR libraries in the generated WAR files, I copy those to my project but get all sorts of class not found exceptions. To get around this, I copied over all the JAR files from an pre-existing project I had from a very early version of Seam, so my current Seam installation is limping along, giving me all sorts of errors caused likely by incompatible library versions.

      I tried using seam-gen a year or so ago, and had issues with the JAR files it decided to import. Has anyone had success with this on Tomcat 6 recently?

      Could someone who has such a working configuration, either using seam-gen or some other way, send me a list of the names (and versions if you know) of the libraries they added for Seam to their setup - both in the WEB-INF/lib and the Tomcat/lib folders? (I use Drools and RichFaces.)

      If that's too difficult to do, perhaps you could help me by describing your strategy for getting a proper configuration rather than what I did. Thanks.