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    Web tier apparently not seeing EJB tier

    Bob Corcoran Newbie


      I am in the process of writng a seam application. I have the project set up in MyEclipse and can render xhtml pages. After the initial setup, I wrote a very simple stateless bean with a method that returns a 'Hello World' string that I attempted to print out via h:outputText on one of the pages. The problem is that the 'Hello World' output os rendered. I tried creating a couple of other simple beans but apparently the web tier is not able to see the ejb tier - or something like that. I can see the ejb jar in question being successfully loaded and I have also included the seam.properties place holder file in the root of the ejb jar.

      As a test, I added the same EJB (with local interface) to another Seam project we have written, and called it from an xhtml page in that project, and it works fine. So I have ruled out any problems with the ejb.

      I can only guess that it has something to do with how I set the project up.

      Thanks very much for any guidance,