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    Seam Exam (beta) @ JavaBlackBelt

    Pawel Wrzeszcz Novice

      Hi Seam fans,

      Together with Matthias Merz we created Seam - Basic Exam at JavaBlackBelt.

      It verifies general understanding of the Seam 2.0 concepts, required to implement a simple Seam application.

      The exam is now in the beta stage, which means it is available publicly and you can take the (beta) exam, which does not count for your belt progress. It will be released as soon as we collect enough stable questions in each category.

      Like all exams available at JavaBlackBelt, it is free.

      You are welcome to contribute your own questions and improve or rate existing ones.

      Exam page

      Official announcement

      Have fun :)


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          Daniel Hinojosa Master

          Sweet... You may need to check the spelling/format of the sample code though, I answered incorrectly on this because I thought the question was intentional :

          <h:commandLink action="#{navigation.showInfo('Hello World')}" value="Show Hotel Details"/>   
          <navigation from-action="#{navigation.showInfo("Hello World)}"   <---mismatch of quotes
                           <redirect view-id="/info.xhtml"/>

          found another, although I got the question right, I did so for the wrong reason, because the XML tags didn't match.

          <page view-id="/numberGuess.jsp">
             <navigation>   <------navigation
                 <rule if="guess">
                     <redirect view-id="/numberGuess.jsp"/>
                 <rule if="win">
                     <redirect view-id="/win.jsp"/>
                 <rule if="lose">
                     <redirect view-id="/lose.jsp"/>
             </navigation-case>  <------navigation case?

          Also, Which of the following statements about the seam-gen ear- and war-deployment are correct?

          • EAR projects support EJB 3.0 and require Java EE 5

          • WAR projects do not support EJB 3.0

          • WAR projects may be deployed to a J2EE environment.

          According to the online documentation, the first would be true, according to documentation...but....

          JBoss 4.2.2 is not Java EE 5 official and yet you can use it. That is the exception to the rule, unfortunately exceptions to rules make pretty weak rules.

          I think that question is more fuzzy than definite for your tests.


          An authentication method is defined in the application.xml by the following line

          <security:identity authenticate-method="#{authenticator.authenticate}"/>

          I believe that is the components.xml and not the application.xml


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            Pawel Wrzeszcz Novice

            Thanks for feedback, Dan!

            Actually, on javablackbelt everyone can edit and comment questions (and add them as well!), so if you spoil a mistake please report it by editing/commenting the question. This makes maintenance easier, automatically notifies the question author and also lets others take part in the discussion :)


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              Daniel Hinojosa Master

              WOW! I had no idea that you can do that!  I am gonna make good use of this. :)