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    Can't fire

    Justin S. Newbie

      I'm trying to replace the functionality of an <h:dataTable> with nested an <s:link> actions for each row with a JavaScript grid built with ExtJS. I have all the data loading correctly except that I am running in to a problem where my JavaScript action only work when the dataTable is actually on the page. If I try to remove the <h:dataTable> then the functionality I've written into my JavaScript stops working even though the href from the rendered <s:link> is the exact same as the URL I am setting the location to in my JavaScript.

      Here is my current setup:

      <h:dataTable id="myList" var="item" value="#{myList.resultList}" rendered="#{not empty myList.resultList}">
        <f:facet name="header">Name</f:facet>
        <f:facet name="header">Actions</f:facet>
        <s:link id="archive" value="Archive" action="#{itemHome.archive}" rendered="#{item.isActive}">
         <f:param name="itemId" value="#{item.id}"/>

      This creates a link in the Actions column equivalent to:

      <a href="/project/myList.seam?itemId=18&amp;cid=30&amp;actionMethod=myList.xhtml%3AitemHome.archive" id="j_id42:myList:12:archive">

      Now I've recreated the href from the rendered <s:link> in JavaScript (below) which is being called from an onclick event.

      location.href = "/project/myList.seam?itemId=18&amp;cid=30&amp;actionMethod=myList.xhtml%3AitemHome.archive";

      The two strings are the same and should fire the same action but it only does this if and when the <h:dataTable> is defined on the page. Can anyone tell me why this happening?


      - Justin