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    calling a servlet with a url different of .seam

    Carlos Diógenes Newbie


      In my application I have a Seam Resource Servlet with the getResourcePath returning /report.pdf, so to access it my url must be http://server:port/mySystem/seam/resource/report.pdf

      The problem is that I want to put a button in my application, son when it's clicked the servlet url is called, but when I click the button the url generated is http://server:port/mySystem/seam/resource/report.seam.

      How can I make the generated url be .pdf? I saw in seam 2.1.0 documentation that it's possible to do url rewriting, there is anything like this in seam 2.0.2 or I must wait for an update?

      I also saw the seam-bay example that does a kind of url on demand, but this doesn't work wiht a seam button.