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    Detect postback

    guy bashan Apprentice


      I would like to count forum entries every time they are seen by users.
      I currently made the count in pages.xml:

        <page view-id="/entry.show.xhtml" action="#{forumEntryAction.countView()}">

      and bean:

        private Integer entryId;
        public void init()
          if (entryId != null)
            forumEntry = forumDAO.getForumEntry(entryId);
            forumEntry = new ForumEntry();
        public void countView()
          forumEntry.setViews(forumEntry.getViews() + 1);

      My problem is that, this page has ajax regions causing it to be re-rendered many times. I need to avoid the count on a postback (like ajax requests).

      Is there a way to tell the action method not to be called on a postback?
      Is there a way of detecting postback in Seam?
      Is there a better way of doing what I want to achieve?