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    Mapping objects that are not entity-beans

    Stephanie Stroka Newbie


      I'm working on a metadata-revision system and I'm searching for a very generic way how to store modified entity-beans in a db table.

      In general my MetadataUpdate entity-bean looks like that:

      public class MetadataUpdate implements Serializable {
          private Object entity;
          private Field field;
          private Object prevDBentry;
          private Object newDBentry;

      Where all Objects are of different kind (e.g. User, TextContent, Address). Is there a way to map 'Object'? Can I annotate it somehow to make it possible to backtrack the object anyhow?

      I thought about replacing Object entity with an unique identifier and a String 'classname'. This would work with the Field, too, but prevDBentry and newDBentry will be a problem, since they can be Strings, Integers (, etc...) or entity-beans.