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    taskInstance or processInstance gets Lost during execution

    Anthony Yulo Newbie

      I have developed a simple approval process using JBPM.

      Basically I have a home page for the approver, which displays a list of documents that needs to be approved. 

      <h:dataTable value="#{taskInstanceList"} var="task" ... >)

      On each row, i also put in an s:link tag so I can direct the approver to another page where he can review and where the approve button would be.

      <s:link ... taskInstance=#{task}> 

      However, I when I go to the document page, I put in an outputText with a value of taskInstance.id for tracing purposes, and noticed that is not display anything or is null.

      <h:outputText value="#{taskIntance.id}"> 

      Also on the document page, I have the Approve button which calls a method ApproveMe which has an annotation BeginTask.

      public String ApproveMe() {


      I get an Exception saying

      task/process id may not be null

      So I think, the taskInstance variable or pointer got lost along the way.

      Any Ideas?