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    Seam and JBPM

    Caron Van Schalkwyk Newbie


      I am not sure if I should be posting this on the JBPM or Seam forum?

      I have set a handler for the assignment of the actor for a task node as follows:

      <task-node name="process quantum assessment">
        <task name="process quantum assessment">
          <assignment class="com.sadalbari.mvanamibia.business.claim.QuantumAssignmentHandler"></assignment>

      The handler (QuantumAssignmentHandler) is a Seam component.

      I have debugged into the code and found that none of my variables are being injected into QuantumAssignentHandler.

      public class QuantumAssignmentHandler implements AssignmentHandler {
           @In (create=true)
           private StaffService staffService;
           @In(scope = ScopeType.BUSINESS_PROCESS)
           private Long claimId;
           public void assign(Assignable assignable, ExecutionContext executionContext) {

      Elsewhere in my code, I have used expressions (linked to methods on a stateless session bean and have had no problems with injection)

      Has anyone had this problem and/or have any suggestions for me?