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    Room Context Conversation ?

    Victor Manuel Larios Newbie

      Hi all seam users, I hope you can help me to find the best way to do this:

      I have an application that needs to operate in a context for many users. This context is called Room Context. Where all user who have begun a conversation with a certain room, could share the same seam component instance. I've been reading about all seam context and scopes, I none of them satisfy my requirements. For what I have read I guess that Conversation Scope just would work for just multiple users but in the same browser/machine, not for multiple users (in different machines) representing a Room Context. BPM Context might be the solution I guess, but since my requirements are not BPM Workflow I dont know if it would be adapted even Im not trying to follow a BPM. It is just a Chat Room Instance that needs to be shared across users which have already entered at certain Room in the lobby page.

      In therms of seam I would have a RoomManager instance component by each Room created by the users. When some user starts a conversation with a Room,this instance will be created if not exist. If it is created, the user just join to that instance and can shared all vars RoomManager instance.

      I dont know if I explain it in a good way, but I would like to be suggested to get my self done.

      Thanks a lot.