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    Can't get @In working with Wicket

    Martijn Lindhout Newbie
      Hello, first of all, although I read the book Seam in Action, I'm still pretty new to Seam.

      I'm playing around with Seam/Wicket an can't get a simple @in to work. This is what I did:

      - create a maven2 project wich wicket's quickstart page (just a normal WAR project)
      - copy all necessary seam resources (from the jboss-seam-wicket sample) to the project (in the right place)
      - added a seam.properties to WEB-INF/classes
      - create a simple POJO called 'sayer' with the famouse sayHello method
      - injected 'sayer' with @In to the HomePage.java
      - use the sayer to add content to a Label (in the page's constructor)

      Seam starts up without any problems an recognizes(?) my components:

      10:43:31,270 INFO  [Initialization] done initializing Seam
      10:43:31,341 INFO  [SeamFilter] Initializing filter: org.jboss.seam.web.wicketFilter
      10:43:31,610 INFO  [WicketComponent] Class: class nl.jointeffort.HomePage
      10:43:31,705 INFO  [WicketComponent] Class: class nl.jointeffort.WicketApplication
      10:43:31,706 INFO  [WicketComponent] Class: class nl.jointeffort.model.Sayer
      10:43:31,958 INFO  [Application] [WicketApplication] init: Wicket core library initializer

      The problem is that the dependency remain null.

      Any idea?