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    Custom annotations

    Paul Mander Newbie


      I was attempting to use my own custom annotation on a seam component to identify a specific type of method. I define my annotation and assign it to a method on my component. However, at runtime I cannot reflect to the annotated method. If I run this outside of the contain and inspect the class through a simple tester it works fine.

      The code for the tester is as follows.

      Object obj = new SelectAddressBean();
                for (Method method : obj.getClass().getMethods()) {
                     PreProcess pp = method.getAnnotation(PreProcess.class);
                     if (pp != null) {
                          System.out.println("found it: " + method.getName());

      Inside the container and with obj being an instance of a seam created component, this does not work. Debugging shows that obj in the container is a class that is suffixed with javassit$$ and so I suspect that this is causing some issues.

      Can anyone help?