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    Multiple wars in one ear

    aozoren Newbie

      Hi -

      I have a web/mobile application that require their own web applications bc mobile portion uses mobile faces library and it is not compatible with facelets..

      Since I could not find a way to product a single ear with two wars in it, I have created two separate seam web apps and I am copying files in between..

      It works but that kind of copy/paste engineering just does not suit a framework like seam and degrades us to the level of visual basic programmers..

      I think web/mobile type hybrid applications are here to stay and we need an elegant way to handle this architecture..

      Just my two cents.

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          Daniel Hinojosa Master

          When you say mobile faces, do you mean Ericsson's JSF mobile framework?

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            aozoren Newbie

            very same thing.. and i think partitioning the web and mobile portions of the application to their own wars is a good idea so i wouldn't mix them in the same war anyways..but having them share the same entity classes and some business logic -after all they are the two faces of the same application- requires copy/paste right now.. and i think seam guys are too preoccupied with the desktop, they don't see the mobile revolution coming (already here?).. isn't active support for a mobile technology such as mobile jsf from ericsson or wurfl more important than gwt..