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    Seam on jboss 5

    Stuart Douglas Master

      I just fixed up my seam 2.1 app so it will run on jboss 5, I just thought I would post some of the issues I encountered in case someone finds in useful:

      1 - The EntityManagerFactory can no longer be bound to JNDI, I got around this using the following:

      public class EntityManagerFactoryHackBean implements EntityManagerFactoryHackLocal {
           EntityManagerFactory factory;
           public EntityManagerFactory getEntityMangagerFactory()
                return factory;

      and in components.xml

      <persistence:managed-persistence-context name="entityManager"
                scope="conversation" auto-create="true" />

      2 - drools:rules-agent could not load the properties file for the WEB-INF directory, when I moved in it to the EAR's META-INF dir it worked fine.

      3 - I had to declare all JMS Queues as mbeans

      Thats about it, I hope someone finds this useful.