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    Problem with Open18

    scott duke Novice

      My project is similar to Seam In Action's open18.With that said, I have found a problem that has me scratching my head. Here is what I found. I will use open18 and my project's file names, where my project's file name is in parenthesis.

      When I am on courseList.xhtml (itemList.xhtml), where there are courses(items) listed. I select one of the courses(items). It takes me to the courseEdit.xhtml (itemEdit.xhtml) screen. I then click on the Done button which goes back to the courseList(itemList).

      Now here is where the problem occurs.

      When I click on the Create Course (Create Item) button, I am taken to the courseEdit (itemEdit), which is correct, but the data from the course(item) I selected earlier is being displayed.

      On the courseList(itemList) code, where the create button is defined, there is a param defined where the courseId(itemId) with no value. I believe I read somewhere that this is supposed to be considered as a null value. But it does not seem to be working.

      Why is the happening???