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    page params and h:commandButton

    Eric H Novice

      Looking at the docs, it says:

      The <param> declaration is bidirectional, just like a value binding for a JSF input:  .... The value is transparently propagated with any JSF form submission for the page with the given view id. This means that view parameters behave like PAGE-scoped context variables for faces requests.

      But it doesn't seem to be working this way.  When I have a h:form on my page, and the page has some page params are defined, and I use a h:commandButton, the page params go away after I submit the form.

      I know I can manually put them in there with input type="hidden" .... if I want to, but shouldn't they show up automatically?

      And I do need to submit the form, so an s:button wouldn't work.

      Alternatively I could do this all with conversations and not even use page params but I'm curious about this and would like to have both options.