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    Submitting page with params from javascript

    Anton Polyakov Newbie

      Hello all.

      Possibly, I'm using a wrong pattern, but please help me to make it right. The problem is:

      I want to be able to create and edit some objects (events). I have a bean called CalendarEventEditor for this. It should be able to either create a new object or to edit existing.
      When I'm creating the object I'm using simple JSF techniques like embedding this code into my custom component (events holder):

                          .createMethodExpression(elContext, "#{CalendarEventEditor.editEvent}", String.class, new Class[0]));

      and declaration to redirect to edit.xhtml after editEvent method:

          <page view-id="/calendar/calendar.xhtml" 
              <navigation from-action="#{CalendarEventEditor.editEvent}">
                  <redirect view-id="/calendar/editEvent.xhtml"/>

      All perfect so far.

      But already created objects are displayed dynamically using Javascript Remoting (it's a custom component, so when holder component itself is rendered no events exist). How can I invoke the same method and redirect to edit page from these objects? (let's assume that each object has its ID, so distinguishing them is not a problem).

      Thank you!